Your Next Jacket Should Be By Candice Sonneman

If we were to come up with a recipe for our dream jacket it would be some sort of ultra slim sleeved, bold shouldered, nipped waist, black on black concoction of stunning sartorial beauty.  Think one part edgy, two parts bad ass, with a sprinkle of femme fatale.  Well kids, looks like we’ve stumbled upon this dream designer and she goes by the name of  Candice Sonneman.

Crafting a collection of vests and jackets that revolves around spin offs of the essential black jacket — think iterations from leather to light fabric —  we fell in lust with these wickedly cool pieces.  A New York City girl at heart — you can find her at hot spot watering holes like Rose Bar or Double Seven– she is redefining cool in a very sartorial way.  Check out her collection and read more about her namesake below.

Your Next Jacket Should Be By Candice Sonneman


How did you get your start in designing?

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to have my own fashion label. Design just seems to run in my blood. Though in a different industry, my father is a designer, so I was always around it. For as long as I can remember, we would constantly be examining different shapes, forms, textures/finishes, and he’d talk to me about their relationship to design principals & structural elements. Very early on, I developed a fascination with watching him sketch, fusing all of these understandings to actually bring his ideas to life. My mother too has a natural eye for design of all types – interior, architecture, clothing, you name it – and has worked in fashion since her twenties, so this interest has always been a family affair.

Who is the CS woman?

She is fearless, fresh, savvy, independent, cultured, innately confident… and fun! She’s the epitome of the metropolitan modern woman: a real go-getter, always on-the-move, juggling the demands of her big career and/or family, with an equally as busy social calendar. She’s leads a full, rich life and, in short, is absolutely fucking fabulous. She is effortlessly stylish and sophisticated, but has a distinct edge to her, evident in the way that she presents herself. Her soft spot for luxury items and appreciation quality over quantity prevail during shopping excursions, where she’s always on the lookout for distinctive pieces to match her taste and active lifestyle, not hesitating to splurge when she finds a winner. After all, she does deserve it.  In many ways, what I think I’ve just described are many of the incredible women who I am blessed to be surrounded by.

What are signature brand features?

The brand has a luxe-edgy aesthetic and day-to-night utility, which are core to my design credo. The line itself, however, revolves around spin-offs of the essential black jacket, whether it be in leather, fabric, or some kind of unexpected combination of the two. Across the board, what you’ll find is a sharply tailored fit, strong, architectural lines, sometimes menswear-inspired, and unique hardware or trim to accent these features. My weakness for gorgeous, Italian leathers is also something that’s undeniably apparent, which you’ll see a lot of throughout this collection and those to come. All of these things are also consistent throughout the other portion of my line, which caters to private clients, who I create customized pieces for on an individual basis.

What are the jackets best worn with?

Aside from ball gowns and pajamas, the jackets can be mixed & matched with almost anything and easily dressed up or down. This kind of versatility is really one of their best features.

How do you wear them? 

When it comes to my personal style, I tend to keep things simple and wear them with either a pair of skinny jeans (blue, black, white, you name it) and a tank, or with some type of black legging that has a little something special to it, like a matted leather effect or high waist, paired with a sheer blouse. Worn over basics, the jacket (or vest) then becomes my statement piece and gives me a complete, pulled-together look without having to do much. At night, I just throw on a pair of sky-high, platform boots or pumps and I’m ready to hit the town.  I also love to combine them with a long, flowy skirt or maxi dress, because they make for a great contrast to the structured, menswear-inspired lines of the jackets, then add a pair of tough looking boots or heels.

What’s inspiring you right now?

I’m fixated on the concept of functional fashion, something that goes day to night.  I also draw a lot of inspiration from menswear, but then feminize the silhouette and mix in statement hardware that you wouldn’t normally see used.

For more information on Candice, tweet her @candicesonneman and check out her facebook page.