You Have to Have ‘Have to Have’ for Proper Shopping

A new year and a new you means a new way to shop online. Up until now, your interwebbed shopping strategy has comprised a thousand tabs and entirely too many (or too few) untouched shopping carts. So while you’re off living your life, forgetting about that floor length Thom Browne shirt dress you were drooling over last week? went on a surprise sale, and now it’s gone. In fact, can’t remember where you found it. Major sadface. That’s why you have to? Have to Have, the site that is your universal social shopping cart. And it emails you when your selects go on sale. Now that’s money.

You Have to Have Have to Have for Proper Shopping

With sites like Wear Ever You Are, it makes it easier to find sites with clothes you love. You want to shop small and indie, and yet also consolidate all your finds in one spot. You also want to easily share your uncovered gems with your friends for feedback. You and your friends can follow each other and see what’s in the others’ carts. This makes it so you don’t accidentally (or do, weirdo)? go all copycat. It also makes shopping for a friend’s birthday present? easy as pie. It’s like your own ongoing registry.

They make it stupid easy to use. You just drag the icon on their homepage into your bookmark bar. Then when you see something you like, click that button! That’s it! (I’m starting to feel like I should be breaking out the knife set yelling But Wait There’s More! But I’m just seriously jazzed about this Have to Have.)

Want to know more? The site’s founders Kimberly Skelton and Carla Holtze? became friends at Columbia and bonded over their voracious online shopping appetites. Together they realized there must be a better way!? So they created that place themselves (and with a whole team of tech, etc). A few years, several test sites and meticulous construction has brought the site into a reality we all Have to Have.

You Have to Have Have to Have for Proper Shopping

Photo: JM Houle/Vogue