WIN: $1,000 Makeup Makeover From BarneysNY

Spring cleaning is here, and while most people have no problem chucking out our old junk, a lot of us forget to throw out something extremely important: makeup.  Whether you’re aware of it or not, makeup actually has an expiration date and can be bad for your health if kept for too long.  (ex. mascara shouldn’t be used for more than four to six months.) While it’s important to watch out for spoiled makeup, it also isn’t very convenient price-wise.  Lucky for you, BarneysNY is giving you the chance to win $1,000 to give your makeup bag a makeover.  Check out the steps to enter after the jump:

1. Follow BarneysNY on Pinterest.

2. Create a Pinterest board featuring your top 5 beauty/grooming items sold at Barneys.

3. Email or share your Pinterest link with BarneysNY.

The Barneys team will select their favorite beauty board and pick a winner on June 3rd, the last day of the contest!

To enter, click here!

WIN: $1,000 Makeup Makeover From BarneysNY