What You Missed: Thousands Throw a Dance Party in the Streets of NYC

What do you do when 1,000 spandex & neon-clad club kids start publicly blasting music and dancing in the street? You grab a boom box, follow the dancing bananas and the man with the flashing discostick, and party like wild with them. Such was the scene Saturday night, when I shimmied and shook my way from Battery Park to Staten Italy Island, to Times Square. Watch it go down with boys in tights and girls with big ass boom boxes (vintage, I know. Let me explain.)

What You Missed: Thousands Throw a Dance Party in the Streets of NYC

This is the Decentralized Dance Party we told you about this weekend, and it was MADNESS! Two Canadian dudes Tom & Gary (Grand Marshaling Discostick-carrier and Transmission Antena-carrying DJ, respectively) are kickstarting their way across the continent, then the world, with dozens of duct taped boomboxes (so your sweet moves don’t eff up the dial) that blast a battery powered rage.

The goal is to use our public spaces to party our faces off, not causing any trouble, only joy, shock and inclusiveness. According to The Party Manifesto, a.k.a.  7 commandments of successful partying, the object of the top importance is Clothing: “Partying is all about letting go of your inhibitions. Kickstart the process by throwing on a ridiculous costume. If the Party has a theme, go to the extreme.  Lead the charge and maximize the fun for everyone.” With a neon workout theme, everyone ba-rought it. I’m talkin’ mini trampolines, stationary bikes, balance balls, and a Gazelle. Props: see Manifesto.