What Recession? Queen Liz Gets a Pay Raise

No big deal. England is in a recession and Queen Elizabeth gets a 20 percent pay raise. Not a problem.

What Recession? Queen Liz Gets a Pay Raise

The world is experiencing what some would call a “downturn” in our global economy, and England is currently getting it where it hurts. But don’t fret, Queen Elizabeth doesn’t seem to be feeling the pain. Ignoring the fact that this year her properties are making record profits and the value of her property is also rising, Queen Elizabeth’s salary is moving from 30 million pounds to 36 (roughly $56 million).

Until then, her highness can use the extra coin to purchase more fabulous hats or monochromatic skirt suits. We’ve selected a few options for her to choose from below.


Fifty grand for a diamond dragonfly brooch? Tis only pocket change.  $50,000.00 Tiffany & Co.