Videography: Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a lot of things. A diva, first and foremost. A loon. A mother to dem babies. A Jenny Craig spokeswoman. A Home Shopping Networker. But a fashion icon? Eh. When she first whistle-registered her way onto the music scene in 1990, she was fresh-faced, curly-haired and — style-wise — pretty boring. As the 90s went on, she shed her good girl image and most of her clothes to become the scantily-clad chanteuse we know and love today. For this edition of Videography, we emancipate Mimi’s style evolution through her best and most iconic music videos.

“Vision of Love” (1990)

Who was this 20-year-old, ethnically-ambiguous gal with big hair and an even bigger voice? With “Vision of Love,” her first of 18 number 1 hits, Mariah began her meteoric ascent to divadom on the wave of her curly locks.