Videography: Lady Gaga

What better way to wrap up our music month and our Videography series than with the woman who’s a haute couture composite of the great pop divas who have come before her. In only five short years, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has become one of the biggest icons in the world, melding the worlds of fashion and music like no one since Madonna. And while the comparisons are endless, Lady Gaga stands on her impossibly high tranny heels as an innovator in her own right. Fashion got a shot of adrenaline when the Lady took the stage and while her off-the-wall looks have gotten even more off the wall over time — and her copycats have gotten even more brazen — she’s come a long way from just dancing with her pants off. 

“Just Dance” (2008)

Things were so simple back then. An oversized red coat. A not-particularly-flattering sequined corset. A zebra print mini-dress and a blue lightning eye embellishment. That’s all the Lady needed to score her first hit. But she had bigger plans in store.