Videography: Janet Jackson

Videography charts an artist’s fashion evolution through their music videos. First up, her name’s not Baby, it’s Janet. Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty. Janet had a string of classic hits and equally classic videos throughout the 80s, 90s and early 00s before being sidetracked by Nipplegate. But not even the sun medallion seen round the world could keep the youngest member of the Jackson clan down and out for too long. Over the past 30 years, Janet has made an indelible impact on the pop culture landscape through her genre-bending music, groundbreaking videos and cutting-edge style.

Videography: Janet Jackson

“Nasty” (1986)

When she first declared Control in 1986 — control of what she says, control of what she does — Janet was only 19 and her conservative style may have belied her years. But make no mistake, she wasn’t a prude. She and her gal pals — including a young Paula Abdul — just wanted some goddamned respect.