Two Birds on a Wire Go Green for Regina Spektor’s New Music Video

Two Birds on a wire. One tries to fly away and the other is made of recycled silver. A wise young Mr. and Mrs. that go by the name of Figs & Ginger create jewelry in North Carolina with a green state of mind. They realize how twisted the environment and mining can be, so they’ve laid down some ground rules. Use 50% recycled material. Only buy from North Carolinian mines. No mined diamonds, only family heirlooms. I’ll believe it all. And that reminds me that Regina Spektor‘s has just released wonderful new music. Two Birds on a Wire Go Green for Regina Spektors New Music Video

Elijah & Rhonda of Figs & Ginger had imagined this as mama and baby bird, he other watches him close from that wire. You can discover more of their “eco-friendly metal-smithing, inspired by forests” jewelry on If you want this $74 necklace, they’d prefer if you investigate their stockists to see if you can buy it locally.

And, if you, too, spent the summer of ’09 listening to Regina Spektor‘s entire catalog, she is now permeating your brain, so I won’t delay another second. Her new music video for her latest single: All The Rowboats. And if you want to see Regina perform her new album What I Saw from the Cheap Seats from the cheap seats with me, get your Regina Spektor tickets for May 15th at the United Palace Theater in the Bronx. Every ticket comes with a complimentary download code for the album. There’s nothing I don’t understand. 

Meanwhile, after I got my Regina fix, I discovered Elijah fig-n-gingering in his indie band The Decent Lovers. He’s crooning me off as I hit publish. Excellent end of the day perk.