Top 10 Most Fashion Forward DJs

Some DJs just spin, but these 10 turn it and WERQ. They’re style jumps from behind the tables that already set them apart from the crowd. Their chic style mashes up with their impeccable taste in music to get them onto the airwaves of fashion’s coolest parties and runways. See which deejays are killin’ it with their sights and sounds. 

Jesse Marco
has DJed everywhere for everyone. For Vogue, for Marc Jacobs, for Jay-Z and Kanye, at Le Baron, on college campuses with Kirill Was Here. at Coachella. This leather and tee kinda kid is but 22-years-old and is spinning his way to great heights. Like cameos on Gossip Girl and billboards for Topman. He’s a fashion darling, darling
Catch him tonight at 1Oak… if you can.