Tommy Hilfiger and Katie Holmes Make a ‘Promise’ to Africa

As a global leader for Millennium Promise, a nonprofit organization to help realize the United NationsMillennium Development Goals, Tommy Hilfiger is launching The Promise Collection, featuring clothes inspired by African design and either produced in Africa or made using locally-sourced cotton. And he’s bringing Katie Holmes along for the ride. 

Tommy Hilfiger and Katie Holmes Make a Promise to Africa


The UN’s Millennium Development Goals strive to cut extreme poverty and hunger in half, achieve universal primary education, promote gender equality and empower women, reduce child mortality by two-thirds, reduce maternal mortality by three-quarters, combat preventable diseases like HIV/AIDS and malaria, ensure environmental sustainability and develop a global partnership for development all by 2015.

To date, they have made considerable progress with a 74% reduction in measles deaths, 4 million people receiving life-saving AIDS treatment and more than 30 million children in primary school in Africa alone.

Tommy Hilfiger, who donated $2 million to Millennium Promise in 2010, recently visited Ruhiira, Uganda to see the difference his contribution made and connect with the locals. Earlier this year Katie Holmes, official ambassador for The Promise Collection, also paid a visit to Ruhiira, video and photos of which are available on the Tommy website.

“I was drawn to the project from the moment I heard about it, as its goal is not just to donate funds,” she said, “but to give villagers the support they need to create a self-sustaining future.”

All profits from The Promise Collection will go to support the Millennium Villages in Ruhiira. You can shop the collection here. [Millennium Villages via Vogue UK]