This Teeny Tiny Hat is Getting an Earful

It’s times like these that make me think to myself,? now? they’ve really thought of everything. But then I stop thinking that because it makes me feel older than a baby boomer. Seriously though, it’s an ear beanie. A hat for the tippy top of your ear. That part of your lobe that gets so cold it sends a chill through your entire body is now getting some very specific attention with a little cap. What will they think of next?? (asks the elderly woman inside of me).? 

This Teeny Tiny Hat is Getting an Earful

It’s probably a sick hipster inside joke (answers the jaded 20-something that I really am). Considering we found it on a site called, and it cropped up on other tumblr, Tastefully Offensive, we’re thinking these aren’t in full scale production… yet.

Do these have a chance at salability? At wearability? Will more hipsters be on that train to earwarmingtown? Will junior highers adopt the lobe-cap as the next Tamagachi? Will high school kids soak them in vodka and let the booze soak in? through their ears? Where will the ear beanie go from here??

But seriously, if Karl Lagerfeld did a diffusion line of them, would you wear it?