This One Is About A Quote….In Forbes

When asked about my feelings towards designer collaborations, I was quoted saying…

“We’ll never escape it. Collaborations are becoming more about the marketing opportunities, less about the sales. Larger brands like H&M and Target need the “street cred” that comes with working with respected and up & coming designers, stylists, celebrities and more recently, bloggers. It’s becoming less about the money being made and more about the attention these collaborations draw and because of that the market’s getting a little crowded. I think the trend will be an increase in collaborations. We’re going to see lesser known brands using it as a tool to get attention, collaborating on smaller capsule collections with companies like Edition01 or The Cools.”

“Success is based on a lot of factors like the designer chosen, price point, quality (it should feel like luxury) and availability of the collection online. The person purchasing needs to feel like they are not only getting a great designer piece, but that it’s priced right.

The entire article written by Blue Carreon here.

This One Is About A Quote....In Forbes

These images were created as a blunt attempt to get noticed by the publicity gatekeepers at H&M in order to receive an invite to the Margiela event. No luck!

This One Is About A Quote....In Forbes

For more images showcasing my photoshop skills, click here. 

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