The Road to Progress: A Pennsylvania Middle School Bans Uggs

Could it be that people are finally beginning to see the light? And in that light did they manage catch themselves in an unsightly pair of Uggs? Seems so, at least in Pennsylvania where administrators at Pottstown Middle School have banned students from wearing “outdoor, open top boots.” The reason, however, has little to do with fashion or style. 

The Road to Progress: A Pennsylvania Middle School Bans Uggs

Laugh it up while you can, girls. Those boots are comin' off by 1st period.

In a letter to parents, Pottstown principal Gail Cooper announced the ban citing students hiding “items in their boots that  are prohibited in school.” Chief among these so-called “items” are cell phones, which according to the school handbook “must be turned off” and “kept in the student’s locker from 7:55 am to 2:30 pm.”

Understandably, the prospect of being without one’s cell phone for a six-and-a-half hour period is daunting for anyone in this day and age. I freak out if my phone’s not within clawing distance. But I’m also a hundred years old. Why twelve-year-olds needs their cell phone on them at all times when literally everyone they know is in the same building is beyond me. Besides, parents can simply call the school if they need to reach their pubescent progeny. My guess is Pottstown wants to cut down on all the damn sexting and tweeting and whatever the hell kids are doing these days. And if banning Uggs is the solution, so be it.

It should be noted, though, that students can still wear their Uggs to school, but have to ”change into a pair of sneakers or shoes before entering homeroom.” Meanwhile, “lace up, tight at the ankle, boots, shoes and high top sneakers” are still permissible. I wonder, where does Principal Cooper stand on Crocs in the classroom? [The Mercury]