The Most Bad Ass Manicure On The Block

Forget the gels, forget the glitter, when it comes to mindblowing nail design, brand H&H is about to blow everyone out of the water.   How hard core are they? These tips are made out of metal

The imaginative joint creation of make up artist Holly Silius and jewellery designer Hannah Warner, H&H is an accessories brand that takes advantage of Silius’ knowledge of theatrical makeup and Warner’s knowledge of casting metals.  This collection named Nature (you’ll notice thorns, leaves, thistle, and stems in the design), is made up of a series of handmade metal nails (think: eyecatching shine, re-wearability, and just plain bad ass) designed through methods such as casting and electroforming. They even have wax carved animal skulls and spider webs.  Check out our gallery of favorites below and pick up a pair for yourself here.