The Jewish Christmas Eve Chinatown Express Guide

Oh goy! While all of your gentile friends will be off with their families on December 24th celebrating the birth of baby Jesus, you, the Jew, will most likely be chowing down on Chinese food and catching a flick at the theater. This isn’t discrimination ?€“ those are my plans, too. The only questions that remain: where to go and what to wear? We’ve scouted out a few restaurants all over town, wherever your priorities lie. Authentic food? Open seating?? Free wine?? Yeah, we’ve got you covered. Merry Christmakah.

Set up like your traditional Chinese restaurant, bright lighting, live crabs in the window, this Cantonese style seafood delight is fresh on everything. 14 Elizabeth St (between Bayard and Canal Sts) ORIENTAL GARDEN

Since you’re not legally obliged to get fancy on Christmas Eve, take advantage by sprucing up a sweater (as in not ugly and not Christmas). Alexander Wang

Add your own pizzazz with a gold sequined collar. Just because you don’t have to dress up, doesn’t mean you should stop at the sweatshirt.  Asos

Slip into a pair of leather pants and be your badass jewish self. Helmut Lang

Your soles should match the walls of the restaurant. AKA Louboutins OR YSL OR anyone else on Christian’s shit list.  Christian Louboutin