The Hottest Downtown Designers Popped Up by LadyFag

Greenhouse saw the light of day this Saturday as LadyFag  once again brought in a downtown designing armada for a poppin’ popup shop.  With wild party vibes, drinks flowing, DJs bumping, and a dressed to the hilt crows mingling club-like with the designers from whom they were buying, the shop breathed cool ease. FashionIndie scoped out the goods. LadyFag and we believe the force is with these designers. Check the spectacle. 

We caught the designers and their badass wares, but if you want to scope the crowd, Hanuk Hanuk took it all.

One of LadyFag’s personal faves, Garo Sparo brings the corsetry and the heraldry and the grandiosity to the table.

The Hottest Downtown Designers Popped Up by LadyFagGaro Sparo