The Craziest Nails You Will Ever See

I stumbled across this post on nail art on MTV Style, and my first reaction was shock. Then it quickly changed to feeling amazed and creeped out. The images sprawl from Nailed: The History of Nail Culture and Dzine which showcases photographs from all over the world that capture local nail sculpture art. You?€™ll find everything from the history of nail art to each cultural expression with nails.

The Craziest Nails You Will Ever See

This nail art is clearly ridiculous. Who would have thought people could create such uniquely painted and decorated nails, actually don these nails without keeling over? and? flaunt them for all to see. Insane in the membrane!


The Craziest Nails You Will Ever See


This ridonkulous book is only available online exclusively through The Standard shops until February 2012. So if you want to give someone nightmares for the holiday, this book will do the trick. #creepedout

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