Thank You for Buying a Friend: Rue McClanahan’s Possessions Up for Auction

Move over Liz Taylor, you ain’t got nothin’ on Blanche Devereaux. While the legendary Mrs. Taylor-Hilton-Wilding-Todd-Fisher Burton-Burton-Warner-Fortensky may have had enough jewels to shower the East Coast in White Diamonds, who wouldn’t want some treasured? Golden Girls? memorabilia?? Rue McClanahan? sadly passed away last June, but before her death she made sure that she left her fans a bit of herself. Now her son, Mark Bish, is fulfilling his mother’s wishes in a series of auctions of the star’s possessions across the country starting December 17.? 

In the first auction, items from McClanahan’s apartment on East 56th St in New York will go up on the block, including furniture, artwork, costume jewelry, personal letters and most excitingly, several of her Golden Girls outfits, as well as a couple of scripts from the classic sitcom bearing signatures from the cast and Rue’s “doodles.”

“She was so artistic. She would doodle, and I mean really artistic work?€¦ and detailed,” said sole surviving Golden Girl Betty White. “And I kept telling her: you?€™ve got to do something with those. That is more than doodling, that is artwork.”? Among the doodles, though not available in this particular auction, ? is a self-portrait by a young George Clooney, who guest starred on the show years before slipping into his E.R. scrubs or robbing a casino with Brad Pitt.? ?€?Isn?€™t that something? He didn?€™t flatter himself,?€? White waxed. And my guess is, neither did Bea Arthur.

McClana-heads can bid online at or in-person at Hutter Auction Galleries. There’s a Christian Lacroix jacket I’ve got my eye on, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my preference for this number.? [Fox News]