SWEET TREAT OF THE WEEK: Dough’s Hibiscus Doughnut

A rose is still a rose, but not all doughnuts have a floral touch. Famous for always having piping hot doughnuts right out of the fryer, Dough in Clinton Hill is plainly a step above the rest. The sweet shop’s treats may be massive, but they are light as a feather on the inside with a crispier-than-normal outside. Though they boast tons of homemade glazes like lemon, blood orange and dulce de leche, the Hibiscus Doughnut is a standout.? Dried hibiscus flowers are used to make a concentrate, creating the most gorgeous hot pink glaze. Topped with the dried flowers themselves, the result is a work of art that looks almost too good to eat. Almost.

SWEET TREAT OF THE WEEK: Doughs Hibiscus Doughnut

Want to know exactly how these amazing little sweet treats are made? Check out the video from Food Curated below.