Sustainable Spirits: 5 Eco-Friendly Booze for a Lush Life

Here at FashionIndie, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to help the environment. And if that means getting sloshed on organic liquor, dammit, so be it. Try these five environmentally-sound spirits to give your nights — or in my case mornings, afternoons and evenings — a buzz worth sustaining.Sustainable Spirits: 5 Eco Friendly Booze for a Lush Life

Square One Vodka

Billed as the world’s first certified organic rye vodka, Square One is created using 100% organic rye and water from the Teton Mountains, then distilled through a certified organic fermentation process for a silky smooth and sustainable finish. And it’s also available in Basil, Cucumber and Botanical — featuring pear, rosemary and chamomile among other horticultural infusions.