Stuff We Love: Mark Newson’s Pentax K-01 Camera

Acclaimed designer Mark Newson has brought us yet another beautiful product, merging the worlds of high design & technology: the new Pentax K-01 camera. 
Stuff We Love: Mark Newsons Pentax K 01 Camera

Nostalgic touches (think a heavy feel and mechanical shutter sound) are highlighted on a sleek, modern body, making even amateur photographers feel a bit more like the pros.  We certainly had a lot of fun snapping pictures and  channeling our inner Helmut Newton at each audible click.  It is also a super star in terms of performance: 16 megapixels and 1080p HD video produce images that you cannot stop staring at, which is good since the camera totes  a stunning 3 inch hi-res LCD screen.   The $900 camera ($750 without the kit lens) is available in black, white, or yellow.


Stuff We Love: Mark Newsons Pentax K 01 Camera


Check out what Mark Newson had to say about his collaboration in this video interview: