Spring Obsession: Mullet Skirts!

Mullet spotting used to be reserved for say, the Wayne County Fair, or minor league baseball games, or Bushwick. But they’ve started to saturate all the streets of NYC. Luckily we’re not talking about the hairstyle that plagued 1984. We mean mullet skirts. Sometimes referred to as the “hi-lo” skirt, this skirt takes the mullet, flips it and reverses it. It’s party in the front, business in the back. In fact, you can twist this sucker any way you like. Turn it to the side and you’ve got yourself a leg bomb. Turn it backwards to keep your legs warm in a drafty office. Much like the original mullet, the mullet skirt plays by no rules.


Brandy Melville Cameron Skirt
 $29.00 Brandy Melville