Sp-Oil Your Hair

Winter may be long gone, but its after effects are still lingering.  From static to split ends, it’s no secret that cold weather and wind damages your hair.  Luckily, there’s a way to replenish your mane’s lost moisture and nourish it back to a healthy shine.  That being said, before you spend all your money on every type of “hydrating conditioner” available, stop.  Shampoo and conditioner dries your hair follicles even more, and no one wants brittle hair, right?  If you want to reverse the effects of winters damages then say hello to your new best friend, oil.

Oil provides your scalp with much-needed nourishment, promoting growth and bringing your hair back to its healthy shine.  From Argan to Jojoba, there are a myriad of oils available.  Here are our favorites, along with some of the health benefits that each bring.


Sweet Almond Oil
Vitamin A, B and E, Fatty Acids:
Locks in moisture, improves circulation, strengthens strands, nourishes and smoothes hair, promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss, and boosts shine. $10.92 Aura Cacia