Simon Doonan Plays Designer Favorites

Simon Doonan doesn’t get fat. Else he would not fit into that Ala??a he’s been eyeing and dying for. We found out all of his favorite designers this morning we met up and f??ted today’s release of his new book,? Gay Men Don’t Get Fat.? We also learned that the gayest food on the planet is inarguably a macaroon; a burrito, quite possibly the straightest. Anyway, back to the clothing he fits into being so gay and skinny. Meet the best designers in Simon Doonan’s eyes.? 

Doonan muses on the staying power of the greats, “What is strange to me is that as much fashion is about change, velocity and evolution, it’s amazing the number of people like Ala??a, Manolo, Louboutin. Nobody has bumped them off their pedestal yet. But I think those men are brilliant people.”