Sh*t Fashion Girls Say Fishtail Braid

If you haven’t seen Sh*t Fashion Girls Say (seriously the funniest Sh*t Girls Say spoof yet), stop reading right now, look below this paragraph, and watch. I’ll wait… AND you’re back! Totes obsessed!!! Since I’m nowhere near ready for bangs, I decided to go for the Americana yachting native look and teach you kids a thing or two about how to make a fishtail braid. Because Fashion Girl had a real braid in her hair… not a fishtail.

I can’t help you get that full bear beard, but I can help you reel in the real fishtail. Now, if you’re wearing Tory Burch flats, get out of my face. Thank you.

Music: California by Diego Paulo.

And if I didn’t give you enough details, here’s a excruciatingly slow fishtail tutorial by Lauren Conrad:

Sorry for that, but enjoy your new ‘do.