Set Phasers on Stunning: The 10 Hottest Robots of All-Time

It’s officially the future, but color us disappointed. We’ve got a black president, handheld computers and weapons of mass destruction, but what about what else was promised to us by sci-fi films and Saturday morning cartoons. We see nary a flying car. But more importantly, where are the robots, the androids and the bionic men and women? On the one hand, they’re the harbingers of humankind’s downfall. But on the other, they’re the sexy, sentient superbeings here to fulfill our every desire. A good idea in theory, but amazingly creepy in practice. ? These robots, however, keep our hope of a future rife with robosexual adventure alive and mechanically kicking.? 

Fembots, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
The sexy, swinging, shagadelic fembots from Austin Powers? may have seemed soft and lovely on the outside, but they were cold and calculating on the inside. Swedish pop superstar Robyn, however, has some news for you. Fembots have feelings too.