Score Your Summer Internship Part 3: The Interview

Congrats, you’ve made it past the initial stages in internship hunting and you’ve made it to the interview!  Here are the top ten things to consider before you make that final impression.

1. Dress fashionably, but with a twist of your personal flare.
2. Be on time (which actually means a couple minutes early)
3. Listen carefully to what you’re being asked
4. Answer everything honestly
5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
6. Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself
7. Be passionate, but not pushy
8. Be organized; bring a few copies of your r?sum? and know every detail on it
9. Research the company you’re applying for
10. Keep a positive attitude and smile

Questions you might be asked (so be prepared for them!):
+ Why do you want to intern here?
+ What makes you interested in marketing/design/PR/etc.?
+ Why are you a good fit for this company?
+ What is your best quality?  Your worst?
+ What is your availability?
+ Can you receive credit?
+ Who is your favorite designer?

Below check out some outfits that we put together for potential intern candidates and tweet us @fashionindie with any questions you may have!



Interview Outfit 3
Cool, casual, fashionable. This is a fantastic look for a first impression. Polyvore