Score Your Summer Internship Part 2: Applying

Now that you’ve made sure you’re presentable online it’s time for the dirty work: applying. Some food for thought: Determination, persistence and a positive attitude are ALWAYS good to have, but an outstanding r?sum? and cover letter is what will get you the job.

Score Your Summer Internship Part 2: Applying

The R?sum?: Sounds daunting, but doesn’t every French word? You’re going to need one of these bad boys for every future job you apply for. It’s important because it reflects what you’ve accomplished in the most favorable light. This is your chance to: Brag about yourself, sum up your educational and professional background, and most importantly, let us know of past experiences, internships, and other super useful skills.  Use lots of action words, do not exaggerate, and highlight your tangible skills i.e. Photoshop.  Also be sure to include personal things like your biggest passions to give yourself character on paper.

The Cover Letter: A r?sum? is more about what you’ve done, but a cover letter is about who you are. It shows us your personality and character.  Make sure you cover questions like:
- What makes you better than the rest?
- What got you hooked on fashion?
- What inspires you?
- Why do you want this job?

Let us know how passionate you are about landing this internship.  Side note: never rhyme “fashion” with “passion”.  Guaranteed garbage can.

Be Stylish: The fashion industry is all about aesthetics; so don’t be afraid to add some pizazz to your documents.  Choose your font carefully, have perfect margins, use quality paper stock.  Most importantly, you’re probably going to be applying for more than one internship, which means that every cover letter you send will be a bit different. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT mix the cover letters up and type the wrong name/company, or you might as well kiss your internship goodbye.