Rooting for Dudes Sportin’ Scarves

During Kenny Blakeney’s studies abroad in Europe, a profound notion struck deep within him at a soccer match. Fans dressed with a sense of that European class in that giant stadium, and nearly all sported scarves in support of their teams. He thought of Americans, and realized that much like soccer, sports scarves hadn’t yet taken off in the U.S. sports arena. Believing it would, Blakeney set out to fill that void with Sportin’ Scarves. This may solve the problem of dudes looking like tubby a-holes in team jerseys! Score! And it’s refreshing to see a guy trying to class up the look of the average sports fan. 


Sportin’ Scarves are available at major sports apparel retailers like Dick’s and Models, at most arena stores for their respective professional teams, and at various locations on-line including