Rooney Mara’s Nipple Ring Strategy

Rooney Mara’s extreme? look in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? has been a hot topic for quite some time now. ? From mohawks to tattoos to more piercings than we can count, you would think that these things were just kind of slapped on. ? Au contraire my friends, we have learned that not only was her eyebrow ring placed to strategically give her a boyish look, but her nipple ring had a very specific layout as well.? Click through to find out all the details. ? 

Director David Fincher told Entertainment Weekly ? ”Rooney’s a beautiful girl?€¦ She can look like Audrey Hepburn ?€” but she can also look like a boy. So we’d decide where we wanted to put the stud through her eyebrow by asking, ?€?Where is it going to be most in the way? Where is the most distracting place?’” And: “We had to be really sure that the nipple piercing was in the place where it was going to catch the light.”

Rooney Maras Nipple Ring Strategy