Rookie Look Inside Tavi Gevinson’s Bedroom

Growing up before our very eyes, from blogger sensation to Editor-in-Chief, Tavi Gevinson has been letting us peek into her world the whole ride through. Today on StyleLikeU, we get to dig a little deeper into the closet and mind of the not-so-Rookie-anymore style icon. Find out why her a Meadham Kirchoff sweater with a flying witch is her favorite, and why her tiered chiffon dress from Courtney Love has “a weird magical vibe” to it. Tavi also gives her advice for how to not be an awkward teenager at a party. Getting rid of the grays was a good start. Starting her own magazine is surely a plus. 

Meanwhile, says teacher to Tavi, “Are those naked ladies on your collar?” In the Miu Miu shirt in question, she replies, “Yes…” Teacher, “Oh. Okay.”

What would your teacher say to you?!

Find out this and more in Tavi’s interview on StyleLikeU.