Richie Rich’s Sneaker Heel Obsession

I spotted the illest kicks at the Gay Pride Parade, so I had to snap them and show you. It’s the way-cheeky, trompe-l’oeil version of the ever-debated sneaker wedge, and turns out, his friend Richie Rich obsessed when he saw them on him, too. Though sold out for men everywhere, Rich got his paws on a pair and is planning something pretty mega…Richie Richs Sneaker Heel Obsession

When Brandon (friend on the ledge above) discovered these shoes, the search for his size led him to the very last men’s pair at Alter Brooklyn (though they still have a few ladies’ sizes left!). When Richie Rich wanted a pair, he went straight to the sold-out shoemakers, BE&D and had a pair of his own the very next day.  That’s because he wants to do more than just wear them…

Richie Richs Sneaker Heel Obsession

There’s super secret talks of a Richie Rich/Be&D collaboration for the Spring 2013 runway show this coming Fashion Week. Shh! The shoe was originally a collaboration between BE&D and contemporary artist Trong Gia Nguyen and Be&D, but looks like it may undergo showers of fairy dust to kick it up on the Rich runway.