Retail Tales: Name of H&M’s New Chain Revealed — Reebok Gets a Restraining Order from Nike

It’s been a particularly newsworthy week in the world of retail, what with H&M‘s announcement of a new chain of stores and Reebok and Nike taking it to the line of scrimmage — Ed. note: I don’t actually know what that means — over Tim Tebow. And here are the latest developments.

Retail Tales: Name of H&Ms New Chain Revealed    Reebok Gets a Restraining Order from Nike

Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter revealed today that H&M’s new chain will be called “& other stories.” [Ed. note: Worst. Name. Ever.] The first of the new stores will open early next year and will have “slightly higher prices” and a “little better” quality according to H&M spokeswoman Camilla Emilsson Falk. & other stories will reportedly include hair products, bed linen, table cloths and sporting goods, among other things. [Fashion Mag]

Meanwhile, a federal judge has bitch-slapped Reebok with a temporary restraining order banning the retailer from making or selling Tim Tebow New York Jets merch. Reebok, in an attempt at making amends, has offered to repurchase all unauthorized Tebow products from vendors and resellers, though they can still shill shit from the player’s former team, the Denver Broncos…until Saturday when their license with the NFL expires. [Ed. note: sucks to be Reebok right now.] [WWD]