Real Life Party Monster: Macaulay Culkin’s Dino-Themed Birthday Party

Post child-star fame, Home Alone actor Macaulay Culkin has all but fallen into obscurity. Surprisingly, the 31 year old former child star has remerged as a New York DJ at club Le Poisson Rouge. Culkin’s adult acting career was short-lived, but his recent activities seem to mimic one of his stranger roles in 2003′s Party Monster. Culkin now hosts a party every month at LPR and the results are straight out of a club kid’s acid trip dream. 

Every month, the former child actor has been going by the name DJ Mac and DJ’ing with his iPod at club Le Poisson Rouge. Each party has a different obscure theme and previous themes include prom and a canned food drive. Disturbingly so, Culkin’s most recent party was themed “Dinosaur Birthday Party” and it’s oddly reminiscent of a childhood Culkin never had.

Real Life Party Monster: Macaulay Culkins Dino Themed Birthday Party

A reporter from The Daily Beast, attended said party and came out in one piece. He commented on the strange happenings and fully decked out attendants who were dressed as T-Rex’s and pterodactyls. With face painting and dino-themed drink specials, this display of a childhood complex manifested is almost to be expected from the mind of a tortured man-child.

From dinos to prom queens, it’s apparent that Culkin’s mind is still stuck in 1990. But even though we aren’t friends with the former Michael Jackson, we’re hoping Mac will throw another birthday party that’s to the caliber of his extinct friends. Because we all know, “the best superstar is a dead superstar”.