Paris Hilton Is a DJ Now

Celebrity sex tape pioneer Paris Hilton is still hanging around after over a decade of dubious distinction and is about to start handing out DJs. Not content to go quietly into that obscure light, the heiress will soon add another credit to her ever-increasing curricuum vitae: disc jockey.

Paris Hilton Is a DJ Now

On June 23, Hilton will debut on the wheels of steel in front of some 30,000 people during the Pop Music Festival in S?o Paolo, Brazil with a one-hour set following performances by Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Clarkson. According to the 31-year-old party monster, her set will feature ”custom-made remixes of the best tracks.”

She didn’t elaborate on who is actually custom-making said remixes, though one could assume her DJ boyfriend Afrojack may have lent a helping hand or two. Paris has been making the rounds with Afrojack on the dance music circuit, chillaxing and/or roof-raising in the booth during many of his performances and presumably picking up a few tips.

“I cannot wait to DJ for the first time in front of thousands of people,” Hilton told Billboard. ”I have been a part of the music scene and club scene since I was 15. It’s something I have been passionate about and have come to respect very much. I am very excited to share all of my hard work with the world.”

Has it really been sixteen years of illegal drinking, embarrassing crotch shots, bitchy backstabbing and baby-voiced banter? Where has the time gone?…besides clearly down the drain? [Billboard]