Nightlife Streetstyle from This Week’s Hottest Parties: WeSC & The Cools

WeSC f?ted pre Midsummer at the Bowery Hotel on Friday, where Alexanders Wang and Skarsgard read that bitch with Zebra Katz, A$AP Rocky and 600 industry beauties, real flower headpieces and Kanon Vodka.  The Cools Old School fashion/art/music Jambor?e last night got so cool with Erin Fetherston, Devendra Banhart, and some Grey Area, the police came and put a freeze on it. Faux Real?! Well, when the dance party shimmied over to Le Bain au The Standard, the camera came out to capture the illest style. Don’t stop dancing. 

WeSC Midsummer Comes To America
And we’re giving thanks to the sun gods that it isn’t actually midsummer yet. Just getting started, and a double slit maxi is looking mighty fine for it.