Newsroom: What Happened Today

- Is there anything better than a model falling on the runway? How’s about a compilation of many models falling on the runway? You’re welcome. [Huff Po]

Kelly Cutrone thinks Janice Dickinson is an “erratic, unpredictable bitch,” after the self-proclaimed world’s first supermodel talked shit about former boss Tyra Banks. And I’m pretty sure this is exactly how one of the World Wars started…or at least it will be.  [Fashionista]

Newsroom: What Happened Today

- Proving that materialism really is the downfall of Western civilization, fervor over Kanye West‘s “Air Yeezy” has people fearing for their safety and even their lives. Not to mention that people have the gall — the unmitigated cheek! — to offer the $245 kicks for $6K on eBay. It might be time to rethink some life decisions. [NYP]

- Despite a well-documented history of generally not giving a fuck, Rihanna may have used a body double for her Emporio Armani lingerie ads. [Telegraph]

- According to a survey by online retailer, British women think about fashion 91 times a day, which is about how often I think about fashion in the span of an hour…when I’m not even particularly trying. Lazy Brits. [Refinery29]