New York Bows to Milan Finally Settling Fashion Calendar Dispute

The Great Fashion Week Calendar War of 2011 (and early 2012) has finally come to an end…at least for now. And while the fashion industry as a whole is a winner, New York as an individual city is totes the loser. 

New York Bows to Milan Finally Settling Fashion Calendar Dispute

The face of victory, Mario Boselli

New York and the CFDA has agreed to not push back the dates of New York Fashion Week in accordance with the “Second Thursday rule” so as not to interfere with Milan’s show dates. The CFDA’s chief executive officer Steven Kolb graciously and begrudgingly admitted defeat at the hands of noted shit-talker Mario Boselli of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana in a statement today:

“We’ve been back and forth on this. People are anxious and need to know the dates. There’s no value for the cities to compete. In the spirit of working together, London and New York are in agreement that we will go in the earlier period, but with the hope that the four cities will come out of this confusion and work together to plan future show weeks. We need to begin to look at the fashion season not as individual fashion weeks, but very much as a global business.”

Well, at least it’s over and no lives were lost. But it being a fashion war, expect some scathing reviews flooding in from the upcoming fall 2012 runway shows in Milan and Paris because shade is the only real weapon of combat. As for next year, New York will show from September 6 thru 13, London from September 14 thru 18, Milan from September 19 thru 25 and Paris from September 26 thru October 3. [WWD]