Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Tan Mom

She may be in a child endangerment court case, but who says that should deprive the now notorious Tan Mom Pat Krentcil of a little Mother’s Day love? Our first of five Mother’s Day Gift Guides, here are our suggestions for some mid-May maternal pampering that will wean the tanorexic mommy dearest off her fake and bake addiction.

Mothers Day Gift Guide: The Tan Mom

Super Crinkle Eraser - This super serum refirms, retextures, and smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles that often come with sun damaged skin.

Queen Collection Bronzer – Tan Mom is in need of some serious black girl bronzer if she wants to contour that skin tone.  The shade of True Ebony by CoverGirl’s Queen Collection was voted the best bronzer for African American women, so it should surely get the job done for Miss Patty.

St. Tropez Self Tanner – Our favorite self tan spray on the market, self tanner will help her maintain color while she decreases her excessive tanning bed sessions.

Tan Leather Wallet – This Terracotta colored Coach leather wallet will give Tan Mom a reference point of how tan and leathery her actual skin is, making it the perfect reminder that she needs to calm it down a bit.  And because everyone in New Jersey wears Coach.

Sunplay SPF 130 - The highest possible SPF lotion on the market, it may be a little late to save the leathery dermis of Tan Mom, but we can always try.

Zadro 365 Natural Sunlight Light - This natural sunlight light was designed specifically to recreate the feeling of sunlight (and in turn the increased seratonin levels), without the harmful UV rays.  Think of it as the nicotine patch of tanning.

Mott 50 SPF Clothing - This bamboo cotton knit top is specifically designed to block the suns rays from the skin, providing the wearer with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50.


Mothers Day Gift Guide: The Tan Mom