Model Musing: Matthew Giesler

An avid surfer and skateboarder hailing from South Africa,? Soul Arist Management‘s? Matthew Giesler? was discovered thanks to a little sushi and a mother with good intentions. Here he shares with us thoughts on one of his favorite photos.

Model Musing: Matthew Giesler

Why do you love it?
I love this pic cause it’s just raw expression with no regard for any concept of what looks good or what should be done in front of a camera.

Who took it?
Jacobus Snyman, an awesome photographer from my hometown.

What were you thinking when it was taken?
I was standing on a unspoilt beach on the South African west coast and the wind was icy and howling. I thought, this is amazing but man it’s unpleasant. I just focused on letting go of any thoughts and frustrations that were in my head.

What direction did the photographer give you?
Haha, in a non-cheesy way, he said, “Just give me something superbly raw!”

What was it for?
Robin Khaan‘s great blog? afashionfriend.

What was the theme of the shoot?
“Flight-Let the heart run wild” — something like a young couple crash-landed with some sick fahion on an abandoned beach.

How long was the shoot?
One Friday afternoon. The perfect time and length for a shoot!

How were you discovered?
My mother dearest took a picture of me making sushi on a family holiday. She sent it to BOSS Models CapeTown after which they asked me to come in and that afternoon at 3pm they handed me a contract and I signed with them.

What’s your biggest challenge as a model?
None! Haha, nah just kidding! Apart from taking time off and getting out of a working mindset, I don’t see my job as a challenge — just an awesome way to earn a living that should be enjoyed while it’s there!

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