Marion Cotillard Stars in “L.A.dy Dior” by John Cameron Mitchell

Dior turned to director and purveyor of the angry inch John Cameron Mitchell to? inject the staid fashion film formula with some much-needed schtick for its latest short,? L.A.dy Dior. Marion Cotillard does what she does best — cry and act hysterical, but this time sans the gravitas — as a tortured actress named Margaux on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Pulled this way and that for a photoshoot by her overbearing manager, a gossipy makeup artist, a lascivious photographer and a fabulously turbaned stylist, Margaux finally loses her composure and throws both caution and a Dior handbag ? to the wind. Best line, courtesy of that queen cosmetician:

“You know what this reminds me of, Demy? Remember? The Academy Awards! Oh my gosh, Margaux, you won’t believe this. I went in to put the eyeliner on Ms. You-Know-Who. Her glass eye pops out onto the makeup table. I’m totally serious. Rolls around in the dust, she picks it up, wets it in her mouth, pops it back in. Goes on to win the award. Doesn’t even hold a candle to You-Know-Who at the Emmys.

See — schtick. Check out the film for a little ladylike afternoon delight.