Louis Vuitton Sues Hangover 2 For Using Counterfeit Bag

Louis Vuitton has filed a trademark suit against Warner Bros. movie Hangover 2, claiming that the brand has been damaged after Zack Galifinakis‘ line “careful, that is a Louis Vuitton”? ? became a catchphrase (yeah, we didn’t know it was one either) while he was carrying a fake bag. ? Louis Vuitton is also suing the company that made the knock-off to prevent future sales in the US. ? What are they asking for?

They want Warner Bros. to not only give them a share of the profits that the movie made, but also to go back and alter the luggage in the DVD version to look like the real thing. ? I would normally say this seems pretty ridiculous, but the production house did just give in to another lawsuit by Mike Tyson‘s tattoo artist for using a fake version of the tattoo in the sequel. ? They paid him a settlement and altered the tattoo in the DVD for quality assurance, a similar request on a smaller scale. ? We’ll keep you posted with the details as the suit moves on.

Louis Vuitton Sues Hangover 2 For Using Counterfeit Bag