Lindsay Lohan Is Not Dead Today in Indie Newsroom

Indie Newsroom is brought to you by Lindsay being alive, the most fashionable presidential fundraiser of all time and Dior’s end of an era(?).

Lindsay Lohan Is Not Dead Today in Indie Newsroom

- I’m going to preface this by saying Lindsay Lohan‘s totally fine because I know that no one can take another celebrity death this year, but paramedics were called when the actress was found “unresponsive” in her hotel room. Turns out, however, she’s just been working a lot on the set of Liz & Dick and needed a nap. A really sound nap. [Daily Mail]

- President Barack Obama and Fierce Lady Michelle attended a fundraiser hosted at Sarah Jessica Parker‘s townhouse, which Anna Wintour reportedly turned upside down, with a bevy of celebrities, at least one model and an ordinary person. [Fashionista]

- Bill Gaytten presented his final collection as creative director of Dior, officially clearing the way for new couturier Raf Simons to drop it like it’s haute. [Vogue UK]

- New York is the latest state to hop on the banning teen tanning bandwagon, thus forcing to get their healthy glow the old-fashioned way: bronzer. [Styleite]

- A woman was told her outfit was inappropriate and wouldn’t be allowed to fly by Southwest Airlines because she was showing too much cleavage and not, surprisingly, because it was just really, really ugly. [Huff Po]