Linda Evangelista and Francois-Henri Pinault Settle Out of Court

On Monday, the pugnacious parenting pair of model mother Linda Evangelista and billionaire baby daddy Fran?ois-Henri Pinault drew a white flag in what was a short but still brutal court case over their son Augustin, by settling out of court for an undisclosed sum.

Linda Evangelista and Francois Henri Pinault Settle Out of Court

After a long day in court, Linda stepped out in Prada at the Met Ball

Neither party would divulge the dollar amount of the settlement, however, a source tells the New York Daily News that the sum is “nowhere near” the $46,000 a month the super was asking for. The terms of the agreement, although not requiring the judge’s approval, will  be presented to the court today as a courtesy.

Both Evangelista’s and Pinault’s names were dragged through the proverbial mud during the ugly two-day legal battle. Evangelista’s attorney William Beslow claimed that Pinault wanted her to have the pregnancy terminated while Pinault’s attorney David Aronson insinuated that Evangelista had “taken steps” to get pregnant.

The supermodel was forced to admit that “there’s not a lot of demand” for her anymore and the PPR chairman admitted that he bought himself a $100,000 watch but couldn’t remember what he spent on Augie’s  ”piano thing” for Christmas — let alone what he even bought his son for his fourth birthday.

But no doubt the harshest bit of information that came out during the court proceedings had nothing to do with little Augustin, but rather with Pinault’s wife Salma Hayek.

Pinault revealed that Hayek had a “very difficult pregnancy” with their daughter Valentina, whom they feared might have Down syndrome. Pinault asked Evangelista to “delay the legal recognition process (of son Augustin) until after the birth of Valentina,” to which she agreed.

Yesterday, however, Augie’s mom and dad parted on far better terms with Pinault advising Evangelista to call him in the morning after coming to an agreement over his child support payments. Aronson summed it all up very nicely, saying “Everybody’s glad for the sake of the child that it’s done.”

Tell that to Salma Hayek, though nothing says “I’m sorry for airing our very private  laundry in public, oh and for knocking up a crazy supermodel hellbent on ruining out lives” like another $12 million “precautionary measure” house. [NYDN]