Karl Lagerfeld launches Karl.com New!

Karl Lagerfeld is best known as a man who puts a leather-gloved hand onto the steering wheel of life and powers ahead with new concepts at 100mph. His diffusion brand, KARL, launches a 'digital first' strategy in March 2012 and bypasses a store opening with a fully fledged and steely cool website. The range is openly aimed at a mass market and promises prestige at a more affordable price (from ??20).

On 25 January, KARL was introduced to the fashion world via Net-a-Porter.com to the sound of popping Champagne corks and shimmying, pleated, metallic minis (big budgets equal a lotta media noise). Now, he's ready to go it alone and is already dangling carrots to get his fans clicking; e-shoppers can enjoy six limited edition evening gowns dripping in glass petals and tapestry-like studs.

"I have been dreaming of mass elitism for a long time. I think it was almost my duty to make it possible under my name. This is the road of modernity," says Karl.

No wonder he's becoming one of the most quoted men in the industry - it's all thanks to his disregard for modesty and no-limit talent. The threads speak for themselves, though. In one word: irresistible.

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