Justin Bieber and Emma Watson Had the Year’s Most Influential Haircuts…for Essentially the Same Haircut

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed how much Justin Bieber and Emma Watson look alike. I mean, they could be sisters! Justin, naturally, would be the prettier, younger sister while Emma would be the brains of the family. But the reason for their slightly disturbing visual similarities surely rests in their treasured locks, which have both gained praise from The Wall Street Journal? as? the most influential haircuts of 2011, proving that ladies and lesbians the world over love a short crop.? 

Justin Bieber and Emma Watson Had the Years Most Influential Haircuts...for Essentially the Same Haircut

According to WSJ, “hairstylists are being inundated with requests for pixie cuts and the Bieber swish. The enthusiasm plays out online, where the fastest-rising searches for celebrity haircuts on Google are for Ms. Watson and Mr. Bieber.” Is that what the Bieber swish is? And here I thought that was a derogatory term for the way he walked. Either way, here’s hoping that the two trendsetters are never romantically-linked since it would be perhaps the creepiest celebrity coupling since Bradley Cooper and…well, anyone. [WSJ]