John Travolta’s 6 Year Gay Affair

John Travolta‘s secretary has come out claiming he had a six year long affair with his pilot, and was then dumped when he gained weight and had personal hygiene problems!  This does not look good for him considering his current sexual harassment charges. Pics of his supposed lover after the jump. 

Doug Gotterba (below) now 60 years old, is pinned as being Travolta’s lover for 6 years in the 80s.  He is also the man who supposedly dumped Travolta for getting fat and having bad personal hygiene like “being very hairy and smelling bad”.  These claims are backed by Travolta’s former secretary and Gotterba’s former boyfriend Robert Britz.

John Travoltas 6 Year Gay Affair

The married father of two is already in two separate lawsuits for sexual harassment towards 2 male masseurs.   Guess its not that easy greasing your lighting after all. Ka-zing!