Joe Fresh and So Clean in a Dirty Mexican Bathhouse, and other Steamy Fashion Films

Earlier this week, Joe Fresh (AKA the classier Canadian H&M) opened its NYC doors on 43rd and Fifth Ave. Not only did the first 200 people in line to get in win a $100 gift card (some had camped out since 3AM), but they also witnessed the premiere of three oh-so-fresh fashion films. Joe Fresh backed and collaborated with artists Sue de Beer, Deborah Tuberville and Ellen Von Unwerth on films of NYC rockstardom, a dirty Mexican bathhouse, and a sexy Miami pool party, respectively. All in sleek looks from the Freshest of Spring 2012. Watch them here.

Sue de Beer sends Theodora Richards into the dreamlike territory of 60s and 70s rock and roll. The rockstar in her hotel room with her hot photographer man. The Keith Richards’ offspring embodies her dad’s badass spirit in this steamy role.


Deborah Tuberville revisited the bathhouse theme that made her 1975 Vogue images iconic, only this time in a dilapidated Mexican ba?os of San Bartolome. The dark, supernatural setting offsets Joe Fresh Spring 2012.


Ellen Von Unwerth brought the most levity to the scene with Miami Vixens. Two South Beach girls give off 60s California dreaming vibes in Joe Fresh’s brightest. Will they or won’t they steal off with the boy in the polka dot pants?

See these vids on the big screen for the next 2 weeks at Joe Fresh‘s new spot at 510 Fifth Avenue, NYC.