Interview: Style Tips from Kendall Farr

Author of the Pocket Stylist and Style Evolution, red carpet style staple Kendall Farr certainly knows a thing or two about how to stay chic in the real world.   FashionIndie got to chat with Kendall as she shared her tips on transitional dressing, what inspires her, and her favorite fashion items of the season.  Check out our Q&A after the jump. 


Interview: Style Tips from Kendall Farr


What are your Spring wardrobe staples?

A blue blazer from The Row is what I am wearing with everything.  I also love Celine, Ann Demeulemeester and Helmut Lang sharp cut trousers and a pair Rag and Bone wide leg silk pajama pants.

What is your go-to outfit for this season?

I have a bit of a uniform – black pants and cream shirts most of the time but especially for seasonal transitions. Sharp cut pants are essential. Right now I am wearing a pair from Celine into the pavement. I love cream silk shirts especially from Equipment. Then I’ll layer with a thin weight sweater in a color – love J Crew Tippi sweaters – add Givenchy booties or sandals and a jacket or trench and I’m done.

What is your best styling tip for transitional weather dressing?
Jackets. Most women look better when they add the architecture of a jacket (that is right for their shape) to their look. And when it’s still a bit chilly for tee shirts -silk shirt work with everything. I look for them everywhere. They have ease and drape and look chic layered or alone. Put one on and I feel dressed whether I am in tailored pieces or jeans.

What was your last styling disaster?
I must now expose myself as completely anal-retentive but I don’t have styling disasters in my closet because I have pared everything down. I have on hand what I am feeling in a season and I store the rest. I hate a packed closet. And at work I am paid not to have any styling disasters discounting floods, tornados, messenger cock-ups and acts of god.

What fashion moment made you want to become a stylist?
When I was 17, I was a ‘real girl’ model for a story that ran in – what else – Seventeen. The modeling part was an agony. I was awful. But I was locked on to everything that went on in the back of the motor home. I asked the editors endless questions about every decision. Every outfit. Every detail. Fascinated. I ‘m sure they could not wait for the day to end. I loved fashion from an early age and in high school I would park my bum in the international newsstand in Harvard Square and devour any foreign Vogues I could find – so all of a sudden I understood exactly what I wanted to do. I went on to work as an intern at Seventeen and that led to my first job there.

Where do you take most of your inspiration from?
Travel. I am interested in street life and what people are wearing of course, but I love color, pattern, texture, architecture and nature and the graphic way all of those things intersect.

What do you do in your spare time while you aren’t styling?
I have lived in Brooklyn for 13 years so I am supposed to tell you that I brine my own pickles, keep bees, and do Ashtanga. I don’t. But I do love all kinds of music and I go to concerts as often as possible. Absolutely love theatre and museums on off hours so I can kind of drift around and dream; tending to my tiny garden and cooking up big meals so friends come for dinner in tiny garden.

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